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Contact Rob Kelly – Creator of The Thrive Programme. You may find a link below though that already answers your query. If not, Rob always loves to hear from people…

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The Thrive Programme takes between 8-10 hours to complete on a one-to-one basis. This is usually undertaken over a 3-4 week period but this can be accelerated. Discuss dates and options with Rob, by contacting him below.

The Thrive Programme is not therapy – it is a training course – your relationship with Rob will be very much like your relationship with, say, a personal trainer. Also, in therapy, therapists ‘do stuff’ to you in order that they may: elicit changes in you, ‘release’ some sort of ‘block’ from inside you, or attempt to get you to resolve some experiences or relationships from earlier on in your life. This programme couldn’t be more different… you will be taught everything you need to know in order to: let go of the past, supercharge your self-esteem and self-confidence, overcome any social anxiety or fear, and optimise your cognitive skills, emotions and beliefs… these are the steps you need to take in order to feel powerful and take control of your life.

Rob will guide you through the programme and demonstrate how to apply all the techniques and insights. Apart from your time spent with Rob, you will be required to put in some time and effort each day in order to: put your learning into practice, hone your new skills and ultimately learn to thrive. The cost of undertaking the programme with Rob is £1200, payable in advance.

If you are ready to commit time and effort and want to join the long list of people who have already taken control of their lives, please contact Rob Kelly below.


Call or text: 07971006747

 If you have already studied the programme via one of Rob’s books and would just like one consultation to fine-tune your skill set/ask questions/fill-in some blanks, then please get in touch also. A single consultation costs £250

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Telephone (During normal business hours) +44 (0)7971 006 747