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  • Emilie is Thriving and has overcome health anxiety and depression!
  • Mandy Martin overcomes depression with The Thrive Programme www.thriveprogramme.org
  • Rian is Thriving - after curing himself of chronic fatigue in six weeks
  • From dramatic suicide attempt to feeling confident and happy in just a few weeks!
  • Mary aged 81 overcomes a phobia after 75 years - with The Thrive Programme!
  • 'I am 100% cured of my emetophobia' - how Laura conquered her fear of being sick
  • Amazing 10 year old Keira overcomes IBS and anxiety with Thrive
  • Rakesh now looks on the positive side of life with The Thrive Programme
  • The truth about the medicalisation of depression - and how much harder it is to recover
  • Becci learns to thrive and overcomes , BPD, self-harming and anxiety
  • Melissa overcomes her fear of flying and learns to Thrive
  • 9 yrs old Sean overcomes his fears and phobias with the Thrive Programme

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